Monday, 28 July 2008

white bouncey stuff

It was another cold one but we were prepared the michelin two extremely well layered with multiple socks and Ugg Boots!! And the weather didn't let us down at the stirling market yesterday, rain with more white bouncey stuff not the white floating stuff though!!

Lots of visitors a few customers and sold lots of my mums hand spun hand knitted woolen hats modelled here rather well by my nieces.

Unloaded the bisque firing today and started the glazing and nice one, all survived that firing..
Finish those tomorrow and on with the glaze firing and cleanup for exhibition starts tomorrow night.. Its all going to be mix and match on the teasets with 3 greens, a pinky purple, a salmon and an iron silicate glaze to mix with the decoration prob use the slip trailer for some extra detailing.