Saturday, 24 May 2008

it's quiz time

and the winner is....

you reckon its what?

the cheese was good

go on judith show us mary...

All in all another successful fundraiser for the club we had the return of some favourite games, heads and tales, 100 really tough questions ta rae, pick ya treasure, chockies, belinda managed to get the room to part with more dollars for a surprise mary unveiling and thankyou very much judith and all kick started with a happy hour warm-up. Oh and unusually I squished in on the winning table we got to pick 1st from a table of super prizes all donated by club members, this is the orchid plant I chose thanks yvonne.

Tomorrow is Stirling Market here's hoping for a good turn out and no rain, oh no it just started raining oh well hopefully it all drops tonight and we have a nice mild day tomorrow...I dropped my pots over to Campbelltown show today the opening is Tuesday night it's always a good show and a great opening very well run by Rotary and the City of Campbelltown and next saturday the 31st Raku firing starting about 10am and goes all day, see ya then guys..

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  1. Hey Ang, Just checking in. Looks like a fun time there. Hope your show goes well. Just started raining here too. Must have blown in from your part of the world. :)