Saturday, 19 April 2008

mud mud glorious mud

Had another throwing effort today with some yummy recycled batch it's prob going to need some nice porcelain slip inside, you 'slippers' must be influencing me! Made a few large platters just warming up for the Campbelltown exhibition 6 weeks to go, another throwing effort and I should be ok for that one. pics to follow..

 I had a bash at making 'square' plates at the club this week also with the lovely soft recycled clay, we'll see if I have the nack if they remain square, hints anyone? pics to follow..


  1. How are you making them, over a mould? Hope the sun shines for the market on Sunday

  2. throwing everything! square r/c gear and large platters getting a bit more dish shaped about 4kg when i've finished, thrown half of the working slip all over the floor, looks good though! mm not looking good for sunday forecast 11 deg and rain..